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IMPORTANT NOTE: Virtual meeting time indicated in the scientific program is expressed as GMT Time Zone. Please check time as per your timezone

09:00 - 09:55

Welcome Lectures

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Minister Lütfi Elvan
Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Chairman Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu
Borsa İstanbul, CEO & Board MemberIstanbul Settlement and Custody Bank, Vice Chairperson Korkmaz Ergun
Turkish Capital Markets Association, Chairperson İbrahim H. Öztop
09:55 - 10:55

Main Speaker

Strategic Intelligence, Editör James Rickards
10:55 - 11:00


11:00 - 12:00

Panel 1: Ministry Representatives Discuss the Repercussions of Sustainable Development Goals on Turkey

• Green Deal Action Plan 2021 and Turkey's sustainability vision, sustainable development policies and strategies
• Turkey's sustainability roadmap within the framework of the European Green Deal
• Analysis of sustainable development goals within the framework of ministries' objectives
• Investments in projects that contribute to sustainable development and shared value creation
• Financing sustainable development:
• Green Bond Issuances and Financing of Sustainable Development
• Improving Turkey's Access to International Finance for Green Transition
• Energy in green transition
• Industrialization and the transformation of the industry
• The role of budgeting and development in the Green Deal

Hülya Güler
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Deputy Minister (awaiting confirmation) Dr. Şakir Ercan Gül
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kaçır
12:00 - 12:30

Guest of Honor

İşbank, CEO Hakan Aran
12:30 - 13:30

Lunch Break

13:30 - 14:30

Panel 2: Success Stories in Green Bond Issues

• Which projects qualify as green/sustainable bonds with respect to international standards?
• What incentives should be offered for green finance products in Turkey?
• What are the ways to improve the attractiveness of sustainable finance instruments for investors?
• Examples of green bond and sustainable fund issuances from Turkey
• What can be done to increase Turkey’s share in international green finance?

Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Senior Legal Expert Seçil Sayın Kutluca
Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası (TSKB), Advisor of Development Finance Çoşkun Kanberoğlu
Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank Treasury and International Banking, Executive Vice President Dr. Ahmet Albayrak
Development Investment Bank of Turkey, Executive Vice President Seçil Kızılkaya Yıldız

Panel 3 : Turkey's New Participation Finance Strategy

• Participation Banks Association of Turkey 2021-2025 updated participation banking strategy document
• Plans regarding the financial architecture of the participation finance industry (actions in the economy reform package due 31.12.2021)
• Communication policy of the participation finance sector in the local and international arena
• Product, service and process models that will stand out in the new era in the participation finance sector
• Ecosystem expansion and governance in the participation finance sector

Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Executive Vice Chairman Ali İhsan Güngör
Presidential Economic Policies Board, Member / İstanbul University, Center for Islamic Economics and Finance, Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Servet Bayındır
Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Finance Office, Head of Participation Finance Department Dr. Tarık Akın
Participation Banks Association of Turkey, Secretary General Osman Akyüz
Borsa İstanbul, Index Director Levent Bilgin

Panel 4: Use of Data in the Digital World

• “Data” as a service for institutions
• Security of financial data, verification of transactions.
• Artificial Intelligence applications in finance (machine learning etc.)
• New ways of trading in the digital world, algorithmic trading
• Digitization and data analytics, big data analytics

Thales Group, Digital Identity and Security, Executive Vice-President Philippe Vallee
CSD of Turkey (MKK), Business Intelligence, Data Governance & Corporate Solutions Director İbrahim Oral Emül
ITU, Data Engineering & Business Analytics and Industrial Engineering, Department Chair / Astera Finance, Co-Founder & CEO Prof.Dr. Alp Üstündağ
TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Department Chair Doç. Dr. Ahmet Murat Özbayoğlu
Abdullah Akgün

Panel 5 : Grab the Opportunity: Capital Markets For Your Startup

• What do Venture Capital Mutual Funds offer? Practices in the World and in Turkey
• The Past, Present and Future of Venture Capital Investment Trusts: How can They Accelerate the Transformation?
• What do Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) offer abroad?
• Borsa İstanbul Entrepreneurship Platform: Private Market

Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Executive Vice Chairman Uğur Yaylaönü
İş Asset Management, Chief Investment Officer Emrah Yücel
Borsa İstanbul, Business Development Directorate, Alternative Markets Service Manager Mustafa Yıldız
Ak Asset Management, Assistant General Manager Göktürk Işıkpınar
Workshop 1

Workshop 1 : Innovative Sustainable Issuances

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 : The Post-Pandemic New Era Route: Transformed Macroeconomic Conditions and their Implications for BIST

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 : Behavioral Analysis Using Sentiment and Market Psychology

14:30 - 14:40


14:40 - 15:40

Panel 6 : Green Finance for the Real Economy

• Sustainable finance approaches and real economy experiences
• Green loan programs of international development and financial institutions
• International green finance experiences of the real economy
• Next steps for wider availability of financing for environment-friendly projects

MEF University, Department of Economics, Faculty Member / Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED), Economy Consultant Doç. Dr. Nazlı Karamollaoğlu
Zorlu Energy , General Manager of Financial Affairs Elif Yener
Arçelik, Finance and Corporate Risk Director Özkan Çimen
Development Investment Bank of Turkey, Executive Vice President Seçil Kızılkaya Yıldız
Turkish Capital Markets Association, Independent Board Member Taliye Yeşilürdü

Panel 7 : Looking at the Covid-19 Crisis from Economists’ Perspective

• How do we define the COVID-19 crisis?
• Is this crisis different? Comparison with other crises
• The risks of deindustrialization in times of crises

İstanbul Kültür University, Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Sinan Alçın
Turkish-German University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics, Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Aykut Kibritcioğlu
Middle East Technical University (METU), Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Erkan Erdil
Foreign Economic Relations Board, Chief Economist Dr. Hakkı Karataş
Koç University, College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Department of Economics, Faculty Member Kamil Yılmaz

Panel 8 : Digital Transformation and Legal Issues

• Competition law in the digital markets
• Integration of artificial intelligence into regulations
• Benefits of the EU Payment Systems Directive
• Information ethics, privacy and data security
• Legal nature of smart contracts and their impact on the financial sector
• European data protection law
• The implications of digital signature and the European Union eIDAS regulation
• Transformational innovations in financial technology law

SRP-Legal, Founder and Managing Partner Av. Dr. Çiğdem Ayözger Öngün
İstanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Management, Faculty Member Dr. Çiçek Ersoy
Özay Law Firm / Üsküdar University, Lecturer Av. Bilgesu Demirel
Maltepe University Faculty Member Dr. Mete Tevetoğlu
Kırklareli University, Faculty of Law, Lecturer Osman Gazi Güçlütürk

Panel 9 : Individual and Institutional Structures in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Nova Nora Consulting, Founder Hakan Erten
İstanbul Teknokent Entertech, General Manager Yasin Erol
Yıldız Technical University Technopark, General Manager Orhan Tanışman
The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Technology and Innovation Grant Programs, Venture Capital Funding Group Executive Board Coordinator Elif Koşok
Albaraka Portföy Yönetimi, Venture Capital Department, Asset Manager Mustafa Keçeli
Workshop 1

Workshop 4 : Gender Equality in Employment: Ongoing Issues and Sustainable Solutions

Workshop 2

Workshop 5 : Market Abuse Communiqué (VI-104.1) and Principles for Administrative Fines

Workshop 3

Workshop 6 : Robotic Transactions

Workshop 4

Workshop 7 : Reflecting on Accessibility

15:40 - 15:50


15:50 - 16:50

Panel 10 : Monitoring the Transition to a Climate-Friendly and Low-Carbon Economy

• Global environmental problems and combating climate change
• Public authorities’ actions/plans to promote the green transition/low carbon economy. European Green Deal
• Financial solutions to combat global climate change: carbon emission markets, carbon border tax
• Carbon markets in Turkey and partnership for market readiness

Turkish Exporters Assembly, Chairman İsmail Gülle
Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD), Substitute Board Member / Borusan Holding, Public Policy and Corporate Relations Director Eray Akdağ
Development and Investment Bank of Turkey, Head of Sustainability and Environmental Social Impact Management Erhan Çalışkan
Borsa İstanbul, Product Development Departmant Manager Kerem Aksoy
Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Directorate General of Environmental Management, Head of Climate Change and Adaptation Department Orhan Solak
KPMG Turkey Audit and Assurance, Sustainability Services, Partner Şirin Soysal

Panel 11 : Post-Pandemic Macroeconomic Outlook

• The impact of quantitative easing policies
• The ramifications of increased global indebtedness
• Repercussions of the policy responses on long-term income distribution, production, and prices
• Normalization in the aftermath of surged asset prices

JCR Eurasia Rating, General Manager Prof.Dr. Feyzullah Yetgin
Turkish Capital Markets Association, Deputy Chairman / TEB Investment, CEO Selim Yazıcı
IMF, Strategy, Policy and Review Department (SPR), Director Ceyla Pazarbaşıoğlu
ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), Chief Economist Michael Taylor
Piri Reis University, Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Erhan Aslanoğlu
Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), Chief Economist Gizem Öztok Altınsaç

Panel 12 : The Present and Future of Borsa İstanbul Group's Digital Transformation

• BiGA Digital Asset Transfer Platform Project
• Blockchain Based Payment System projects
• TEFAS, Vehicle Exchange, Real Estate Exchange, and Gold Transfer services
• e-Investor, e-GM, eBDS, e-Trade Repository, Bearer Shares Registry System, Public Disclosure Paltform - Digital transformation strategy

A Para, News Director Serdar Kuter
Borsa İstanbul, Executive Vice President Necdet Kardan
İstanbul Settlement and Custody Bank (Takasbank), Executive Vice President 15.50 – 16.50 Hall 4 Taşkın Öker
CSD of Turkey (MKK), Market Operations, Executive Vice President Özkan İlkay Kızıltoprak

Panel 13 : Next Generation Entrepreneurship Financing: Crowdfunding

• Development of Crowdfunding in the World
• The Future of Crowdfunding Platforms in Turkey
• What does the Crowdfunding Communiqué Bring?
• The Story of Firsts in Crowdfunding in Turkey

Crowdfunding, Association President Hulusi Berik
Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Head of Intermediary Activities Department Erman Çete
İstanbul Settlement and Custody Bank (Takasbank), Director of Payment and Transfer Services Department Sait Zekeriya Özgel
Efonla Digital Audience Platform Inc., Executive Chairperson and CEO Dr. Melek Demiray
Halk Invest Securities, Corporate Finance and Consultancy Unit, Manager Zafer Mustafaoğlu
Workshop 1

Workshop 8 : Women Employment: Current Overview and Outlook

Workshop 2

Workshop 9 : The Changing World of Mutual Funds

Workshop 4

Workshop 10 : New Generation Board of Directors System (e-BDS)

16:50 - 17:00


17:00 - 18:00

Panel 14 : Profitability versus Business Value: The Changing Paradigm from the Investors’ Perspective

• Why is financial information alone not sufficient to secure investor confidence in capital markets?
• Why do institutional investors use ESG metrics in their investment decisions today?
• ESG integration in valuation and investment decisions
• How does climate change affect valuation analysis?
• Can value-oriented integrated investment strategies deliver better returns?
• Sustainability for foreign and domestic institutional investors: expectations and trends

World Benchmarking Alliance, Chair of the WBA Supervisory Board / International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Former (Founding) CEO / Accounting for Sustainability, Former Chairman Paul Druckman
Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Finans, Kurumsal Yönetim ve Sürdürülebilirlik Merkezi (CFGS), Kurucu Direktör / Entegre Raporlama Derneği Türkiye (ERTA), Kurucu Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Prof.Dr. Güler Aras
BBVA Portföy Yönetimi, Küresel Yatırım Başkanı Eduardo García Hidalgo, CFA
CFA Institute, Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Paul. P Andrews
Principals for Responsible Investment (PRI), Kuzey Avrupa, Orta Doğu & Afrika, İmzacı İlişkileri Direktörü Rose Easton

Panel 15 : NGOs as Drivers of Capital Markets

Ethics and Reputation Society (TEİD), Board Member Güray Karacar
The Institute of Internal Auditing (TİDE), Chairperson Bülent Yurdalan
Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD), Chairman Dr. Tamer Saka
Association of Listed Companies’ Executives, Vice Chairperson İlhami Koç
The Turkish Association of Appraisers (TDUB), Chairperson Yaşar Bahçeci

Panel 16 : Digitalization Journey in Islamic Finance

• Present and future plans in the digitalization journey of Islamic banks
• How will the new regulations affect the financial industry? What are the needs and opportunities?
• How digital transformation threatens traditional banking? What will be the problems, obstacles and costs of the transformation?
• Relationship and cooperation models between banks and fintechs in the coming period
• What are the customer perceptions and expectations about digitalization products and services in Islamic finance?

Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB), Digital Strategy Manager Sevcan Ekmen
Vakıf Katılım Participation Bank, CIO Mehmet Bütün
Türkiye Emlak Katılım Participation Bank, Director Mesut Ak
Türkiye Finans Katılım Participation Bank, CIO Mustafa Bezeklioğlu
Ziraat Katılım Participation Bank, Head of Marketing Management Group Mustafa Kürşad Çetin

Panel 17 : Social Enterprises: Profit and Social Benefit in1

• Social enterprises in Turkey and abroad
• Integration of underprivileged individuals into the economy through social enterprises
• Social Investment Models and Entrepreneurial Philanthropy
• The Role of NGOs in Social Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER), Vice Chair / Piramit Consulting, Founder Berrin Kuleli
Koç University, Social ImpactForum, Managing Director Dr. Gonca Ongan
Ecording, Co-Founder Mert Karslıoğlu
BlindLook, Co-Founder Sadriye Görece
ES Kariyer, Founder Esra Odabaşı
Workshop 1

Workshop 11 : BIST Participation Indices / BIST Sustainability Index

Workshop 2

Workshop 12 : Investment Opportunities in International Markets

Workshop 3

Workshop 13 : CFA Introduction Program

09:30 - 10:30

Panel 18 : Global Developments in Sustainable Finance and ESG Investments, Rating and Reporting

• Developments in Sustainable Finance and ESG investments – a global perspective
• The importance of ESG for investors and issuers
• The role of ESG factors in credit rating
• ESG scores
• Best practices in ESG reporting
• Problems encountered in sustainability reporting in Turkey and compliance with EU standards
• CSD of Turkey’s (MKK) work on the comparability of sustainability reports
• Greenwashing

İstanbul Ticaret University, Lecturer Prof.Dr. Recep Bildik
İşbank, Sustainability Unit Manager Derya Sargın Malkoç
PwC Switzerland, Leader of Investor Trust Services Dimitri Senik, CFA, FCCA
JCR Eurasia Rating, Research Specialist Emre Zehir
CSD of Turkey (MKK), Investor and Corporate Governance Services Directorate Service Manager Dr. Fatma Ayzer Bilgiç
BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S), Asset Owners Segment Strategy Lead and Sustainability Ambassador for Asset Owners and Managers Client Line Vera Delvoye

Panel 19 : A torrent of IPOs during the Pandemic

• Return opportunities during the pandemic: The surge in IPOs during the pandemic in Turkey and abroad
• Different types of IPOs in the world (SPACs etc.)
• Analysis of the demand for the IPOs in Turkey
• Evaluation of valuation and analysis reports
• How should individual investors read and understand the public offering documents?
• Steps taken to facilitate IPOs within the framework of economic reforms

Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Executive Vice Chairman Ali Erdurmuş
OYAK Securities, Deputy General Manager Canan Özer
The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), Head of Research Dr. Pedro Gurrola Perez
Yapı Kredi Invest, Head of Capital Markets Advisory Sadık Çulcuoğlu, CFA
Arzum, CEO Süleyman Mete Zadil

Panel 20 : Future Scenarios in Digitalized Capital Markets

• The place of Borsa İstanbul in terms of technology in Capital Markets
• Where will the digitalization trend take Capital Markets in the future in terms of services and workforce?
• What are the technologies that will change the Capital Markets?
• The Impact of Sandbox Applications on Capital Markets
• Overlapping and diverging points with foreign exchanges in technology use
• How much will Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots be used in Future Scenarios?
• How is Gamification and Digital Literacy in Turkey?

Tradesoft, Managing Partner Hamit Can
İstanbul University, Faculty Member / FinTech Istanbul, Co-Founder Selim Yazıcı
Borsa İstanbul, Executive Vice President Erdinç Tutam
Devexperts Turkey, CEO Oğuzhan Karakoç
Matriks Information Distribution Services, Assistant General Manager Cem Tutar

Panel 21: How Should You Gear up for Your Startup? Important Tactics and Strategies in Reaching the Investors

• How to Present your Startup to the Investor? What are the Frequent Mistakes Entrepreneurs Commit before Investors? What are the Important Considerations in the Due Diligence Process?
• The Entrepreneur’s Key Paradox: Company Valuation
• What should the Entrepreneur Watch out for in the Fast Growth and International Market Penetration Journey?
• What are the important considerations to heed in the Shareholders Agreement to be executed with the investor? When will documentation be widely standardized in partnership processes?

Keiretsu Forum Turkey, Entrepreneurs Director Emir Uzunoğlu
Üstün Patent, Founder Özlem Arslan Kart
İstanbul University, School of Business, Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Ali Hepşen
BTS&Partners, Partner & Attorney-at-Law Okan Arıcan
Workshop 1

Workshop 14 : How to Build a Resilient Business Model Using Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics?

Workshop 2

Workshop 15 : Economic Developments in Turkey and in the World and Participation Banking

• Institutionalization
• Valuation from the standpoint of publicly held companies
• Internal systems, internal audit and risk management at companies

Workshop 3

Workshop 16 : Behavioral Finance and Investor Risk Profile Analysis

10:30 - 10:40


10:40 - 11:40

Panel 22 : Regulators Outline the Sustainability Roadmap within the Framework of the Economic Reform Package

• Action plans for green finance issuances outlined in the economic reform package
• What are the regulatory initiatives in the context of sustainability?
• Financing energy and healthcare ventures through capital markets
• CMB Sustainability Principles Compliance Framework, work in progress on Green Bond and Green Sukuk Guidelines
• CMB regulatory framework regarding Project Finance Fund and Project-Backed Securities
• The role of the insurance sector in sustainable development
• ESG Guide for Banks
• Borsa İstanbul: Sustainability Index

Turkish Capital Markets Association, Chairperson İbrahim H. Öztop
Banking Regulation And Supervision Agency, Vice Chairman Dr. Yakup Asarkaya
Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency, Second Chairperson Ali Ersoy
Ali Erdurmuş
Levent Bilgin
11:40 - 11:50


11:50 - 12:50

Panel 23 : Sustainability and Insurance

• Digitization
• Minors’ enrolment in the Private Pension System (PPS)
• Climate change
• Financial Insurance

Insurance Association of Turkey, Chairman Atilla Benli
Sigorta Dünyası Magazine, Chief Editor Birant Yıldız
Insurance Association of Turkey, General Secretary Özgür Obalı
AXA Sigorta, CEO Yavuz Ölken
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, CEO Yılmaz Ertürk

Panel 24 : BEFAS, the New Player in the Turkish Capital Markets and the Future of Private Pensions

• The existing elements of the regulatory framework governing private pension and potential next steps
• How to drive participation in the voluntary Private Pension System?
• Contributions of the auto enrolment system
• BEFAS, the Pension Fund Trading Platform

Republic of Turkey Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency, Vice President Uluç İçöz
Pension Monitoring Center, IT and R&D Deputy General Manager Ahmet Bozdağı
Insurance Association of Turkey, Deputy Secretary General Aysun Yıldız Özer
Takasbank Custody and Collective Investment Institutions Director Emre Koçbey
Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Head of Institutional Investors Department Onur Atilla
Rota Asset Management, Chairman and CEO Tevfik Eraslan

Panel 25 : How Did Digital Services Contribute to Capital Markets During the Pandemic?

• Increasing e-services of MKK (e-investor, e-GEM, e-BDS, Bearer Shares Registry System, Public Disclosure Platform, data analysis etc.)
• The e-services (distance contracts, digital services, mobile applications, robo advisory, remote services, etc.) provided by capital markets institutions during and after the pandemic, and benefits contributed to capital markets
• Payments (digital payments, e-money companies, cross-border payments)
• Transformation of Data Storage Organizations in the World: Monitoring Systemic Risk
• The position of robotic processes in digital services

CSD of Turkey (MKK), CEO and Board Member Dr. Ekrem Arıkan
Infina, Assistant General Manager Burak Arslanpay
CSD of Turkey (MKK), Investor and Corporate Governance Services Director (Foreign Relations, KAP and Investor Services) Gökçe İliriş
TEB Yatırım, Assistant General Manager Tolga Ataman
Union of Payment and Electronic Money Institutions of Turkey (TODEB), Committee Manager Gülnur Yerlikayalar
ATP/Tradesoft, Director of Software Development İlyas Daşkaya

Panel 26 : New Generation Entrepreneurship

• What are the New Generation Entrepreneurial Fields?
• How can Startups Grow into Giants / Globalize?
• The Secret Weapon for Growth: Branding
• The Fields Pushed Forward by the Pandemic; Novelties the Pandemic Presented to Entrepreneurs
• The Future of Entrepreneurship

Turkish Capital Markets Association, Member of the Supervisory Board / Arz Real Estate and Venture Capital Asset Management, CEO and Board Member Murat Onuk
Teknasyon, Chief Strategy Officer Ahmet Kırtok
English Ninjas, Founder and CEO Ali Servet Eyüboğlu
Shopi, Co-Founder Aslı Kubilay
Startups Watch, Founder Serkan Ünsal
Workshop 1

Workshop 17 : Kredi Credit Rating Processes

Workshop 2

Workshop 18 : Pension Fund Trading Platform (BEFAS)

Workshop 3

Workshop 19 : Pusula – MKK Data Analysis Platform for Intermediary Institutions

Workshop 4

Workshop 20 : Building a Risk Profile-Compliant Portfolio with Mutual Funds

12:50 - 13:30

Lunch Break

13:30 - 14:30

Panel 27 : Policymakers Discuss New Post-Pandemic Strategies

• 2021-2023 Turkey's Foreign Direct Investment Strategy
• 2021-2025 National Artificial Intelligence Strategy
• Turkey's Qualified and Strategic Labor Inventory

Turkish Capital Markets Association, Chairperson İbrahim H. Öztop
Republic of Turkey Presidency Digital Transformation Office, President Dr. Ali Taha Koç
Doç. Dr. Salim Atay
A. Burak Dağlıoğlu
14:30 - 14:40

14:40 - 15:40

Panel 28: Integrating Impact Investing as an Innovative Model

• Impact Investing Landscape
• Impact Investing Innovation: Bringing together Public, Private and Third Sectors to Generate Greater Value: The Case Study of the PPP Initiative for the New Public Hospital of Treviso
• Turkey’s First Green and Social Project Bond: The Case Study of Elazığ Integrated Health Campus PPP
• An Innovative Way of Getting Young People into Jobs: The Case Study of Social Impact Bond (SIB) to Tackle Youth Unemployment in Antwerp

University of Oxford, Said Business School Prof.Dr. Alex Nicholls
Impact Investing Advisory Board, President Şafak Müderrisgil
Plus Value Advisory Ltd., Managing Partner Filippo Addarii
Meridiam, Business Development Director Günay Gökçen
Hogent University of Applied Sciences Ghent, Researcher Ian Dewae

Panel 29: Financialization of the Agricultural Sector and Access to Finance

• Financialization of agricultural markets and solutions for their access to finance
• e-Warehouse Receipts (ELUS) and licensed warehousing; spot and futures market future strategies
• Food-Agriculture/ELUS Mutual Funds
• Use of commodity markets in participation finance: Tawarruq financing model with ELUS
• Access to finance with ELUS loans
• Securitization in the financing of agriculture

Milliyet Newspaper, Columnist Ali Ağaoğlu
Turkish Mercantile Exchange (TÜRİB), CEO Ali Kırali
Denizbank, Agricultural Banking Marketing, SVP Canan Aytekin
Kerem Akıner
OMG Capital Advisors, CEO & Chairman Murat Gülkan

Panel 30: How Do Crypto Exchanges Work Abroad?

• Various regulatory practices abroad and areas requiring regulatory framework
• Is digitization possible without regulation?
• How does crypto assets custody work?
• How can crypto-assets and crypto-asset exchange platforms be supervised?

İş Investment, International Capital Markets Manager Şant Manukyan
Boğaziçi University Prof.Dr. Ceylan Onay Şahin
Forseti Consulting, Co-Founder and Vice Chair Tuncay Yıldıran
BlockchainIST Center, Director Dr. Bora Erdamar
Kadir Has University, Faculty of Communication, Department of New Media, Lecturer İsmail Hakkı Polat

Panel 31: Let’s Hear Success Stories from Women Entrepreneurs

• How to deal with gender bias when receiving investment?
• Barriers to Women Entrepreneurship
• Incentives for Women Entrepreneurs

Alarko Holding, Board Member Leyla Alaton
SEDEFED, Chairperson Emine Erdem
B-fit, Founder Bedriye Hülya
Gülsha, Co-founder and General Manager Gülşah Gürkan
Denebunu, Co-founder Duygu Özgün
Venn, Founder Vennas Akyol Haznedar
Workshop 1

Workshop 21 : All You Need to Know About Capital Market Licensing Exams

Workshop 2

Workshop 22 : Robotic Process Automation

Workshop 3

Workshop 23 : Use of Algorithmic Trading by Borsa İstanbul and its Impact on the Vulnerability in the Stock Exchange

15:40 - 15:45


15:45 - 16:15

Main Speaker

Prof.Dr. Emin Gün Sirer
16:15 - 16:30


16:30 - 16:50

Main Speaker

Prof.Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs
16:50 - 17:00


17:00 - 18:00

Panel 32: Transformation in the Global Reporting Ecosystem: Towards a Single Reporting

• Is a Global Framework Possible in Corporate Reporting?
• A Radical Transformation in the Global Reporting Ecosystem: Integrated Reporting
• The Importance of Reliable, Holistic and Comparable Information for Investors
• How will the EU Taxonomy Affect Capital Markets?
• Integration of Financial and Non-financial Reporting

International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Chair Emeritus Prof.Dr. Mervyn Kıng
World Benchmarking Alliance, Chairperson / Accounting for Sustainability (A4S), Former Executive Chair/ International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Former CEO Paul Druckman
Yıldız Technical University, Center for Finance Governance and Sustainability (CFGS), Founding Director / Integrated Reporting Association Turkey (ERTA),Founding Chair Prof.Dr. Güler Aras
Value Reporting Foundation (VRF),Chief Policy Officer & Head of UK Office Jonathan Labrey
ACCA (Association of Chartered andCertified Accountants), Chief Executive Helen Brand

Panel 33: The Effects of the Pandemic on Investor Behaviors from a Behavioral Finance Perspective

• Analysis of increasing investor interest in capital markets – in Turkey and abroad
• Effects of technological transformation on investor behavior
• The effects of the pandemic and developing technology on investor behavior
• Unusual examples of investor behavior change in Turkey and abroad

Duke University, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics Prof.Dr. Dan Ariely
FODER, Chairperson Attila Köksal, CFA
Deniz Investment, Digital Strategy and Algorithmic Trading Manager Mehmet Akif Yıldıztekin
Ata Asset Management, CEO and CIO Mehmet Gerz
Baltaş Group, Co-Founder / Nudge Network, Founding President Prof.Dr. Zuhal Baltaş

Panel 34: Where is the Blockchain Taking the Finance Ecosystem

• BiGA Project: Physically-Backed Blockchain Based New Generation Transfer System
• Transformation of FinTech Ecosystem with Decentralized Finance
• Stablecoin projects in the world and in Turkey

Ankara University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering and Department of Software Engineering, Professor and Department Chair Prof.Dr. Asım Egemen Yılmaz
Durugoru, Founding Member & Board Member / Menapay, CEO / Bahçeşehir University, Lecturer Çağla Gül Şenkardeş
Faruk Selman Lekesiz
The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School, Senior Lecturer in Banking and Director of Chinese Banking Programmes İsmail Ertürk
EY (Ernst & Young) Central, Eastern, Southeastern Europe and Central Asia (CESA) Region, Digital and Technology Leader Onur Doğan
Deloitte Turkey, Blockchain Services Leader Uğur Kaan Dinçsoy

Panel 35: How Islamic Finance Feeds into a Sustainable Economic System?

• Global trends in sustainable finance and the potential role of Islamic finance
• Basic Islamic finance products in sustainable finance
• Financing sustainability within the context of the Participation Finance Strategy Document

S&P Global Ratings, Senior Director & Global Head of Islamic Finance Financial Services Research Dr. Mohamed Damak
UNDP IICPSD, Islamic Finance Portfolio Lead Dr. Abdurrahman Yazıcı
Presidency of The Republic of Turkey, Director of Istanbul Financial Center Department, Finance Office Dr. Serkan Yüksel
Albaraka Türk Participation Bank, Board Member Melikşah Utku
Capital Markets Malaysia, General Manager Zalına Shamsudın
19:00 - 20:30